ICIA Triumph of Anjuman I Islam Saif Tayabji Girls High School Byculla Mumbai

Dhoom in Bangkok 2024: ICIA Triumph of Anjuman I Islam Saif Tayabji Girls High School Byculla Mumbai.

Mumbai, April 29, 2024 – Anjuman Islam Saif Tayabji Girls High School, the sole representative of India among Urdu medium schools, has etched its name in gold on the global stage as two of its most distinguished students, Ansari Rushda Sameer Ahmed and Shaikh Umme Hani Shakir, proudly adorned with the Indian tricolor, received the SILVER MEDAL at the International Creativity and Innovation Award 2024.

The event, held in Bangkok Thailand from April 26 to 28, saw the participation of 19 countries, with 132 projects selected from the nation. The school’s project, the MAGLEV VERTICAL AXIS WIND TURBINE, stole the limelight, showcasing the brilliance and innovation fostered within its walls.

Under the mentorship of school teacher Alsaba Dhanse and the supervision of a Mentor from Learning Links Foundation Chhaya Marbate, Shaikh Umme Hani Shakir and Ansari Rushda Sameer Ahmed, students of class 9 and 10 respectively, designed the revolutionary turbine. Their efforts garnered the attention of none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who, deeply impressed by the project, engaged in a five-minute conversation with the young innovators.

In his interaction, Prime Minister Modi not only commended the project but also lauded the spirit of Anjuman Islam Saif Tayabji Girls High School in nurturing such groundbreaking initiatives. He encouraged the students to continue their path of innovation and excellence.

The success of the project not only brings glory to the school but also serves as a testament to the power of Urdu medium education in fostering innovation and excellence. PADMA SHRI Dr. Zahir I.Qazi, President of Anjuman Islam, expressed his pride in the students’ achievements, emphasizing that this victory resonates not only nationally but also internationally.

Principal Shama Tarapurwala joyously extended her congratulations to the teachers and students, remarking that the selection of their project amidst stiff competition from across India is a testament to their dedication and brilliance. She highlighted the practical implications of the project, stating that it has the potential to revolutionize electricity generation, especially in remote areas.

The achievement underscores the school’s commitment to the United Nations Development Goals and the objectives of Atal Innovation Mission Niti Aayog and Learning Links Foundation, supported by CGI. It signifies a step forward in empowering students to address real-world challenges and contribute to global innovation.

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