Get Your Prom Night Tickets


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Your “Prom Night” is one of the evenings you will remember for the rest of your life at Lincoln. There are many things you can do that will make the evening an especially enjoyable one.

Of course everyone’s idea of fun is different, so each of you will have slightly different needs, but there are some concerns and ideas that are relatively universal. These are three areas that we have found are asked about most often:

  • How much will the evening cost?
  • What are some ideas to make the evening more fun?
  • What should I do to prepare for unplanned occurrences?

Remember, if you start planning three to four months in advance, you will best be able maximize your time and money.

This will vary from school to school. Some schools still have their proms in their school gymnasiums, and in these cases, the cost of the ticket could be as low as $20 per couple. At Lincoln, the “Prom Night” is at $35.

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