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Bookish Events might inform you many different event details, we do not sell tickets to those events. If you are confused about how to actually get your hands on some tickets, check out these tips:

  • Read the Bookish Events posting very carefully and follow the links. Always scour the event’s website for valuable information if you plan on going to an event.
  • Call the location’s phone number, email them, or visit their website. This is how you will get information about tickets for events like author tours or movie premieres. Most author signings are hosted by independent bookstores and will have their own system of doing things.
  • Check social media tags for clues about what to do. Try searching keywords on Twitter or Tumblr for potential clues about what to do. If you see someone posting about the event, ask them if they know how to get tickets.
  • When in doubt, show up early. If you can’t figure out how to get a ticket, if tickets aren’t available until right before an event, or if an event isn’t ticketed, then don’t be afraid to show up early! You might end up having to wait a while but the wait will be worth getting into the event.

Note: The ticket costs you $50.

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